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A selection of relevant journals is listed here with access from within the Lund University. All journals available through the Lund University libraries can be found here.


Physics and Chemistry

Medicine and Biology

Analytical Chemistry
Full text (PDF, HTML) 1947 -

Archives of Dermatology
No Access

Applied Optics Online
Full text (PDF, PS) 1995 -

Archives of Dermatological Research
Full text  (PDF) 1995 -

Applied Physics Letters
Full text (PDF, PS) 1975 -

British Journal of Cancer
Full text (PDF) 1999 -

IEEE/IEE Electronic Library Online
Full text (PDF) 1988-

British Journal of Dermatology
Full text (PDF) 1998 -

Journal of Applied Physics
Full text (PDF, PS) 1975 -

BMJ, British Medical Journal
Full text  (PDF/HTML) 1994 -

Journal of Biomedical Optics
Full text (PDF, PS) 1997 -

Full text (PDF) 1997 -
Abstract 1996

Journal of the Optical Society of America A
Full text (PDF) 1984 -

Full text (PDF) 1997 -
Abstracts 1975 - 1996

Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines
Full text (PDF) 1997 - 2001

Journal of Biological Chemistry
Full text (HTML,PDF) 1995 -
Full text (PDF) 1918-1994

Optics Express
Full text  (PDF) 1997 -
(multimedia content online)

Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Full text (HTML,PDF) 1998 -
Full text (PDF) 1988 - 1997

Optical Engineering
Full text  (HTML/PDF, PS)
1997 -

Lasers in Medical Science
Full text  (PDF) 1998 -

Physics in Medicine and Biology
Full text (PDF) 1956 -

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine
Full text (PDF) 1997 -
Abstracts 1996

Physical Review Letters
Full text  (PDF) 1958 -

Photochemistry and Photobiology
Full text  (HTML/PDF) 1996 -

Review of Scientific Instruments
Full text  (PDF, PS) 1975 -




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