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Major biophotonics facilities

Biophotonics Laboratory:
The biophotonics laboratory at the Atomic Physics Division includes Time-resolved tissue monitoring by multiple wavelength time-of-flight system Tissue fluorescence imaging using tunable liquid-crystal technology Gas in Scattering Media Absorption Spectroscopy (GASMAS) set-up Diffuse reflectace spectroscopy set-up Multispectral, LED-based microscopy

Photoacoustic laboratory:
The biophotonics laboratory at the Ophtalmology Division includes Clinically adapted photoacoustic system with tunable OPO transmitter covering the visible and near-IR spectral regions

Monte Carlo Simulation Laboratory:
The biophotonics laboratory at the Combustion Physics Division is equipped with powerful computers and software for running complex Monte Carlo simulations of light propagation in scattering media.

Deep Tissue Imaging Laboratory:
The Quantum Information Group at the Atomic Physics Division is developing new technology for oxygenation measurements in e.g. the heart muscle. Ultrasharp optical filters based on slow-light effects in rare-earth crystals are combined with ultrasound tagging of tissue.

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